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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Griffin Cider Works specializes in high quality, English style cider. Made with fresh juice from eight to fifteen select varieties of 100% Ohio grown apples (no apple concentrates!), our ciders are all natural and gluten-free, with no added water, artificial colors or fructose corn syrup.

Our range includes traditional English style ciders and several specialty versions to offer a diverse variety of eventful beverages. Some are available year-round while others are seasonal. Learn more about our award winning ciders.

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Richard Read – Cider Master/President (Regent)

Raised in the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire countryside of England, Richard grew up drinking cider. He tinkered with brewing from a young age: in 1994, Richard made his first cider in an old coffee can using apples and pears—but with no plan! Cider making was at first just a passionate hobby, but after this British expat moved to Cleveland, he realized that the local pubs did not carry true English style cider.

In 2010, Richard Read founded Griffin Cider Works because he missed the cider from his native England and could not find a comparable high quality, English style cider in the U.S.:

"I arrived to these shores in 2005 and started a family with my wife Rose. It was not long before I realized I could not find my cider of choice, or any cider for that matter that quite hit the spot! To alleviate the drawback of not having an acceptable cider close by, I started to experiment with making my own cider that would be similar to those that I drank when I was still living in the UK."

- Richard Read, Cider Master

Richard wanted to introduce his interpretation of “real Cider” to the United States:

What is Real Cider?

Mass produced ‘Light Cider’ vs Real Cider

  Light Cider Real Cider
“Apple Juice” Apple Concentrate diluted with water to various dilutions, sometimes blended with other fruit juices Fresh apple juice, rarely/never diluted with water
Aroma Light but lingering apple juice/ candy sugar "Apple soda" Variable, dependent upon apples used. ‘Orchard in the Fall,’ pungent, barnyard, yeasty, sometimes light
Color Often caramel, sometimes artificially modified. Almost always crystal clear Natural, varies from light yellow (like white wine) to deep yellow/orange. Often a light to thick haze.
Body Clean, crisp and Light Clean to complex, Light to Full
Taste Usually apple juice, caramel, rarely thin wine like taste "Apple soda" Variable, dependent upon apples used. Typically, slight apple notes, wine profiles for some, some sourness, bold puckering notes (tannic). Unique “Cider taste” – especially for farmhouse style ciders – Real Cider tastes like “Real Cider”
Consistency Very consistent between batches Consistency varies year to year and frequently between batches due to fruit and varietal availability and harvests. Generally consistent
Alc. Vol. Ranging from ~5 – 6% Ranging from as low as 3% (some French styles) to 9% (some West of England styles)
Post ferment modifications Often finished with Apple concentrate, High fructose corn syrup or sugars – for sweetening Malic acid and/or Citric acid, occasionally lactic acid for ‘bite’ sensation. Sometimes finished with frosh apple juice. Often none, sometimes sugar, honey, molasses, rarely fresh apple juice. Acidity is usually natural

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The Griffin is a mythological creature that is reminiscent of the American Eagle and the British lion. Richard chose to brand his products with a Griffin to symbolize his status as an Anglo-American.

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